How a weighted vest can help your autistic child

If you have an autistic child then you will know how bad their outbursts can get and how you will do all you can to help them in any way possible. To the outside world and those who do not understand autism, it can be seen that your child is just being naughty but everything they do if for a reason. Their outbursts and temper tantrums can often be down to sensory issues and this is where a weighted vest can come in to help your child. The pressure that the vest gives to your child is like a comfort to them, like a hug and the kind of hug that they can tolerate.

Buying a weighted vest autism can greatly help your autistic child, it can be worn underneath clothes so nobody will even know that your little one is wearing one but it will still give them the comfort that they are looking for. Weighted vests don’t only help with calming an upset child, they also assist with helping hyper children stay still. It helps them to concentrate better so these are particularly useful if your child struggles to stay focused on one thing perhaps at school.

If you have seemingly tried everything to help your child stay calm or concentrate then give weighted vests a try, you may be surprised how well they work. They are sort of like life jackets in their appearance, they cling close to the child’s body and this can comfort them when they are in a world that is so hard to understand at times. You can also get weighted blankets for your children, these items offer the same sort of benefits but are perfect for night time in helping your child get to sleep and stay asleep.

If your child has received occupational therapy or it says in their school statement or individual education plan that they need some kind of sensory input then wearing a weighted vest is something that they would really benefit from. We try everything to help our children and those with special needs are even harder to cater for so having the right apparatus to assist you in this department is so important. A weighted vest autism will help your child and therefore it will help you too. It can be such hard work trying to parent someone with such a life altering condition, you are doing a great job and by getting a weighted product to benefit your child you will be helping to give them more of what they need.